Why We’re Here

New Wyoming Narratives aspires to be a clearinghouse on ideas. Specifically, we’re interested in a discussion about creating a more pluralistic and prosperous Wyoming. Sound like pablum? Well, give us a chance. When it comes to pluralism, we take our cue from the motto of the United States: E pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. It was once possible for nations to have viable monocultures, like Japan or Norway, but the world is less tolerant of homogeneity now. Single-dimensional anything remains suspect.

By prosperity, we promote the idea that Wyoming’s cities, towns, and counties strive for economic vibrancy, resiliency, and diversity. In this realm, ideas matter. Diversity, particularly demographic diversity, really really matters. We are pro-family. This has nothing to do with family planning, partner choices, or values on abortion. It means that when families struggle, so does the community.

By prosperity, we don’t mean Wyoming gets ruled by the gods of forced wealth distribution. Rather, we mean prosperous in every way: economically, politically, and demographically. We’re not much interested in window dressing, politically correct diversity, either.

Wyoming sits at the American epicenter of change concerning energy. Thus, we’ll tilt in favor of posts concerning that subject. However, Wyoming is so much more than coal mines, refineries and gas fields. We possess the seminal high prairies of North America. The headwaters of the major rivers of the west, the Colorado and Snake, spring from our snowfields. Wyoming has 109 mountain ranges or subranges. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks reside within our boundaries. Wildlife roams in remarkable abundance. Although we have the lowest population of any state, the people who live here, without question, appreciate this amplitude of land and creatures.

When it comes to facing Wyoming’s future, the state’s political powers that be tend to be reactive, not proactive. Maybe that’s OK. Wyoming is generally a conservative place. Changes happen incrementally. Besides, many public servants are doing their damndest to usher in critical shifts. No matter their degree of effort, we don’t have to stand around while Nero saws away on his fiddle.

We welcome posts and observations related to Wyoming, including connections and correlations to and with the outside world. In addition, we’re interested in how narratives are created and sustained. Politically correctness carries little weight. Any post or paste bearing the hallmarks of honesty, conviction, creativity, and humility gets our attention, no matter the political leanings. We discourage rants or platitudes based on received wisdom. If you want to hold forth on our current president, the deep state, or the folly of subscribing to climate change, this isn’t the place.