Oil’s Twilight? Here’s One Investor View on How It Plays Out

Established narratives vigorously resist change. Because mythology and values rest at the heart of most narratives, empirical evidence, especially data or forecasts that threatens bunkered narratives, is ignored. This investment firm maybe off in regards to the timeline, but their basic message should’t be dismissed.

The global oil industry’s foundation of ever-expanding demand will probably crumble and that may hurt profits sooner than expected, according to a London fund manager. Read the full article >


Walter Jones, ‘freedom fries’ congressman who became Iraq War critic, dies at 76

Another example of the rise and fall of a narrative. Walter Jones was an enthusiastic supporter of the Iraq war. Then his narrative collapsed. What happened?

Walter B. Jones Jr., a North Carolina congressman who so enthusiastically supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq that he argued for the french fries and French toast served in House cafeterias to be called “freedom fries” and “freedom toast” — a jab at France for its opposition to the war — but who later underwent a dramatic change of heart and emerged as a prominent Republican critic of the war, died Feb. 10, on his 76th birthday. Read the full article >